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National Council for Vocational Training, Govt. of India (NCVT)approved and recognized Little Flower Engineering Institute as an ITI in the year 1965. Right from that historic year, LFEI has diversified its educational focus into various fields. The most sought-after trades are:

Draughtsman Civil Trade -

Two-Year NCVET Course

Civil engineering industry is never tired of welcoming these draughtsman, for their industry keeps growing in leaps and bounds. Lavishly equipped Civil Department laboratory tests their abilities both indoor and outdoor, making them fit to take up challenging positions in any project.

Electrician Trade

Two-Year NCVET Course

Electricians are in high demand in every sphere of our life, particularlythe industry, both in India and abroad. The most modern electrical laboratories provide a progressive training floor for these future electricians to install and maintain power distribution and other related equipment.

Electronic-Mechanic Trade

Two-Year NCVET Course

The electronic technicians are at the forefront, ensuring the proper working of electronic equipment in terms of speed, cost and sustainability.

Fitter Trade

Two-Year NCVET Course

Industry growth world over needs technicians, like, fitters. Oil, gas, ship and other steel related industries seek out these specially trained technicians for their industrial growth. This highly technical NCVT Course imparts skills in mechanical maintenance, pipe fabrication, etc.

Mechanic Motor Vehicle Trade

Two-Year NCVET Course

MMV trade has one of the most coveted laboratories in India. Students learn on these most technologically advanced equipment, harnessing great confidence for a bright career in the industry. They can slip into the shoes of any experienced technician in any prestigious workshop in the world without much extra training, after the initial induction in to the new work place.

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Technician (RACT) Trade

Two-Year NCVET Course

The cooling technicians have become inevitable in this simmering globe, both in houses and in the industry, considering the modern day unpredictable climate changes faced by the world, especially with Global Warming – a genuine concern of every nation.

Welder Trade

One-Year NCVET Course

LFEI Welding lab is fully equipped with all the modern and the latest welding technology and provides specialized training in TIG, MIG & ARC in 1G upto 6G positions to X- Ray quality. Industry experienced faculty provide world class training to the students.

LFEI, by providing the state-of-the-art equipment, gives an employer the assurance that every student is fully qualified to national standards, making him / her competent in their respective positions.