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FastMig X 450 is one of the most advanced welding machines available in the world, manufactured by KEMPPI, a Finland based company. Ten new Aluminium Welding Machinesare added to facilitate the testing of candidates who seek overseas employment and to train our students of various streams.


Solar power is the energy that will drive the world into the future. LFEI has become the first solar powered ITI institute in India. It is a60 KW On-grid Solar Rooftop Power Plant, connected to the KSEB grid. This green power project saves money while LFEI contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the environment. LFEI is proud of its green environment.


LFEI boasts of an amazing Automobile Laboratory with the state-of-art and the most modern equipment, consisting of technologically advanced facilities, such as, scanning of engine, 3-D wheel alignment, brake testing, suspension testing, slip testing etc. imported from Italy and USA. It has risen to be the star of the Automobile Institutes and to a certain extent, of the Automobile Industry in Kerala. They can slip into the shoes of any experienced technician in any prestigious workshop in the world without much extra training, after the initial induction in to the new work place. Cut-out section of various models of Engines help the students to understand the inside of the engines and their working processes with ease.


This unique machine has been added to the Piping and Structural department for training the students to reach their higher level of proficiency. The objective of adding this machine is for the trainees to obtain hand-on experience on this modern equipment.


The entire LFEI Campus is Wi-Fi active and the LFEI Digital Library is a favourite hot-spot for the entire LFEI community that eagerly waits for their turn to surf in the electronic ocean of knowledge to supplement their daily lessons. In this age of Internet, it helps the students to familiarize internet usage for their future career benefits.


Nutritious food is a necessity for all-round performance of the students. A spacious, modern and hygienic canteen provides food at subsidized rates to the students on all working days.


Since 2010, all our class rooms and some of our labs are provided with Smart Boards to facilitate easy dissemination of knowledge and information among the young trainers. These enable screening of videos, hand-drawing that can be edited with ease, storing and retrieving the information and many other functions that makes a didactic discourse very effective and fruitful. All the classrooms at LFEI have Smart-Boards, the ‘state-of-the-art’ technology that makes teaching a very enjoyable exercise both for the trainers and trainees. The ability to save the work done in each session with instant retrieving ability ensures a smooth continuity and easy revision in the teaching process. ‘Engineering Graphics’ is effectively practiced with the help of this sophisticated Teaching Aid.



To meet the International standard the existing electrical grinders have given way to the most modern pneumatic grinders in our welding and Piping & Structural Lab. This transformation has been seen as a welcome change by all the international clients who demand the prospective recruits to undergo tests with pneumatic grinders to ensure they become productive once on the international job sites.


A centralized CO2 supply pipelines for the MIG welding process in tune with international standard has been another progressive step towards serving our international clients to their satisfaction.



The institute leaves no stone unturned to nurture the in-borne talents of our students. Students find ample opportunities to engages themselves in indoor and outdoor sport which are culminated in a friendly competition annually.

Musically talented students have flocked together under the banner of LFEI BAND to enjoy their passion while infusing the campus with lively and bubbly rhythm of young life, promoting unity and camaraderie. They had their debut performance and are drumming together their passion.


Argon gas is used for shielding the welded portion during TIG welding process. During the TIG welding process, enormous heat is generated and the molten metal reacts with atmospheric oxygen, reducing the quality of the welded area. To prevent this, Argon gas, which is an inert gas, is used for shielding the welded area during the process. To work with pure argon gas for maintaining high quality welded products, a liquid argon gasification plant has been installed at the institute.


LFEI provides comphrehensive accomodation for the outstanding students at affordable rent within the campus pf the Institute. Caring wardens and vigilant security ensure a pleasent stay, with 24x7 power back-up assistance, allowing the students to focus on their studies.

Physical Fitness

It helps to educate on how to feel better both mentally and physically. Inspite of having a very long day at labs in dealing with heavy equipment students can benefit from regular exercise. The stronger and healthier their body is, the longer they will be able to complete tasks that require continual stress. Being well fit reassures your future. 


To provide the best Audio Visual experience to the trainees, LFEI features a state-of-the-art 
Auditorium which is a multipurpose hall equipped with the latest technical Audio-Visual upgrades. The auditorium is capable of hosting a variety of events ranging from Seminars, Theater, Cultural Events, Conference, Presentations etc. thanks to the modern stage lighting and digital sound system installed within the Auditorium.

Underfloor/Radiant Heating System(UFRH)

Underfloor/Radiant Heating System(UFRH)

We are the pioneers in India in introducing Radiant Floor Heating Systems for extremely cold countries using American  technology.

The Employment possibilities in European countries are to a greater extent by learning this technology.