Advanced Welding

Advanced Welding

Advanced welding technology, a certified diploma course, will be completed in 7 months. ASAP-accredited 3-month MIG welding is included in the 7-month course. ASAP is a Kerala Government Undertaking. After the 7-course they come out as an X-ray quality welder supported with frequent radiography tests of the weld joints. Advanced welding laboratory is equipped with the best international welding machines like KEMPACT MIG2530, KEMPPI MMA400, KEMPPI MINARC220, KEMPPI WFX300 for aluminium welding, LINCOLN 400PS, LINCOLN PWF400i MIG, etc. This technology focuses on high-level skill & knowledge (oil & gas) in various welding processes like shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), Metal inert gas welding (MIG), Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) Plasma arc cutting with the support of expert faculties in a conducive environment for training. Professional training supports getting job opportunities in foreign countries in GCC, EUROPE, AFRICA, etc. We provide training with 100% placement depending upon trainees’ performance.

Duration: 7 months

Course Type: Advance Training Program