Instrument Technician

Instrument Technician

Process Instrumentation refers to the measurement & control of process variables such as temperature , pressure, flow and level in industrial process. It involves the use of instruments and control system to measure , monitor and control these variables to optimize the process and ensure quality and efficiency. Sensors, transmitters, detectors, recorders and control elements are used in process industries. Course will teach you how to install, maintain, test and calibrate highly complex devices that are used in automation of industrial processes. Provide theory & Practical based on field instrumentation, safety practices according to industrial standards, social skills &Digital skills. We also provide the job into different companies for those who complete the training successfully, and they placed in refineries, petrochemical industries & calibration companies etc. Our workshop contain massive amount of equipments to help students gain practical skills in their chosen field and prepare them to easily crack an interview without any hesitation. We will give you junior instrument technician training by qualified experts.

Duration: 1 Year Course & 3 Month Course

Course Type: Advance Training Program